Know Your Value

iValuations’ AI based software allows Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to have the financial valuation and risk assessment power of their large corporate competitors.

Even the Playing Field

The giant corporate finance firms create expensive proprietary valuation and financial analysis models that only large corporations can afford to use. The ability to exploit this crucial information gives these large corporations a significant leg-up over their SME competitors.

iValuations’ software aims to provide SMEs with financial knowledge and decision-making power that evens the playing field. Our AI based fintech software provides SME owners with the financial analytical power of a fully functioning finance department. Having the ability to properly value their business gives SME owners reassurance when dealing with sophisticated investors, negotiating with banks, or making financial decisions when immediate response is needed.


Meet The Founders

Kanchana Liyanage, Chief Executive Officer at iValuations

Kanchana Liyanage
Chief Executive Officer

Kanchana is an information technology leader with 20 years of IT experience. He provides the vision in developing a strategic direction for information system and technology deployment plans. Kanchana achieved a Master of Management Information Technology from Charles Stuart University in Australia.

Isuri Kularatne
Chief Financial Officer

Isuri has 25 years of comprehensive experience in finance. She specializes in financial analysis, treasury and strategic planning, implementation of cost reduction techniques, and financial reporting. Her in depth expertise in the industry is crucial in developing the software. Isuri has a Bachelor of Commerce in Advanced Financial Accounting and Management Accounting, and she attained a Master of Business Administration. Isuri is also a CMA and a CPA in Papua New Guinea and a CPA in Australia.

Isuri Kularatne, Chief Financial Officer of iValuations

“The value of a business is driven by facts, not an opinion.” – Anonymous